The Tech Enabled Agent

Lead w/confidence in times of rapid change

 In order to capitalize on what KW has developed so far, agents should embrace the change that’s coming so that they can continue to be the experts in their field, and not get left behind.  

We are our greatest competitors

 We realize the value of being in competition with ourselves. To stay at the top, we will focus on how we can support technology as it supports us. 

Tech will never stand alone in real estate

 While tech is important and aggregates the data, we need to help our clients make smart decisions. Nothing can replace human connection and how it feels to relate to someone in the moment.

AI Technology leads the way

 AI and smart technology platforms, we’re empowering our tech-enabled agents to provide enhanced customer experiences.  

We are boldly redefining the consumer experience

  Gary Keller and Josh Team stand firm that our consumer app will only enhance the relationship that agents have with their clients.  

Consumer facing experience

 The consumer app is the concept of “digitally based and physically enhanced,” fully realized. Empowered agents and happy customers lead to big business. 

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